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Discover and deepen the unspoken wisdom within yourself. A space, divine and meaningful, which answers your life questions. 

Mystic journeys guided by  Yukia offer an informal and unique opportunity to (re)connect with your authenticity and purpose in life. 



Enjoy quality time and daily life with Yukia. In 4 or 7 days your life will transform exactly as how it was supposed to be: free, open and joyful, aligned with your soul's purpose. Allow your newly opened channels to show you more of who you are!


Meditation, mystic walks and ceremonies are part of the program!


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The intentional use of symbols combined with action wherein the intangible becomes real. The symbol comes to life and movement is activated and/or acknowledged. Healing, rebalancing occurs in connection to the energetic forces of nature and spirit. 



Getting to the heart of your Soul story by a mystic journey walk in the highly vibrational nature within the Algarve of Portugal. "Mystic Journey" uses a multi-faith approach to reveal the path of the soul. This is not a solitary quest but rather a superhighway meant for everyone. 




"Let me guide you into a deeper state of awareness, joy and peace!"

Yukia Qwi An Sandara, born and raised in Mozambique, lived in South Africa and travelled the world. Since a young age she has been facilitating and supporting people to wake up, to shift perception by Sound Healing, Light Language, and by deep connection with their healing potential and essence. Now, 20 years later, she is known as an extraordinary healer and empowernment  Mentor!

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Discover the mystic within!

  • Rediscover who you are, beyond limitations and conditioning.

  • Open or expand inner vision.

  • Shift inner perceptions, release personality & self-identity.

  • Surrender and accept to your authenticity, the love and powerful being you are.

  • Purify, recalibrate, align, balance & harmonize energy fields.

  • Redesign your new path with clarity and focus.


I have since been able to redefine my life according to that which I create to serve my highest good rather than my primal emotions. 


Incredibly grateful for this divinely orchestra intervention!

- Sophie Amath,

Entrepreneur Social Media -

When you choose to work with Yukia you choose to embark on a journey of Self discovery that will illuminate both the world within yourself and beyond yourself. 


- Dominique Sire,

Spiritual teacher, USA -

Yukia reaches a very high level of consciousness that enormously empowered me. She gives clear guidance to anchor new insights in my daily life. 

- Chantal Gill'ard,

Former member of the House of Representatives, The Netherlands - 

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