Each Multiverse Quantum  Healing session is designed depending on the individual needs of the client. Yukia tunes into her higher Mind , the Akasha of the client's Soul  and to multiverse dimensional Beings that she works through her aspects that co exist in the Planets or in the inter Galactic platform . This tuning provides clues of  what the real causes are of the difficulties that you may be experiencing, what past and future life's maybe affecting you , what is your soul 's request and purpose or what  alignments, recalibration's , repair, healing  or restoration  needs to be facilitated or looked at in order for you to reunite back to Oneness within yourself.


The sessions will contain transmissions, sound and light language. They also include the creative practice of integration of One's Self and alignment /anchoring  with  the nature elements within the body of Mother Earth. The process is supported by Sacred Geometry and the wisdom of Higher Consciousness.


The sessions are to coach /facilitate and connect you to some of the aspects of Higher Self that are coming to the surface and to assist you to integrate into the New Earth; to trust the journey within and claim the Self in its fullness and Presence through your own individual Inner work . 


  • Rediscover who you are as a Soul

  • Heal , harmonize and balance emotional and sexual trauma and clear cellular and skeleton memory

  • Cultivate intimacy with your body well grounded on Earth

  • Heal , retrieve and reclaim soul split's or fragments lost 

  • Reclaim your power and return to your core center

  • Heal and and Shift inner perceptions.

  • Purify, align & balance your energy fields, open or expand your inner vision

  • Learn to forgive, love and accept your self and others without any conditions.

  • Speak your truth from your authentic voice and trust your inner guidance

  • Understand the inner work to be explored.

  • Surrender and accept to your authenticity, the love and powerful being that you are.

Post session Tool Kit given with a set of practices for you to:

  • Work through your ancestral lineage , karmic and shadow imprints and trauma bodies through a simple process to release them

  • To reprogram old beliefs of undeservingness and open to receiving all of life’s blessings and abundance

  • Embrace your sacred gifts and receive tools to embrace your sensitivities without being overwhelmed by th



NEW EARTH - Source Consciousness Activation Sessions

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