Yukia tunes into her higher Consciousness, her Higher Self and Her multiverse  dimensional aspects that guide her and she works  to find out what the real causes are of the life's challenges  that you may be experiencing within your body Mind and Spirit.


During a Session all you need to do is relax. Your intention and willingness to heal will be the key to your healing.

Working with the Angels & Star Beings, Yukia will guide you through healing meditations with her  light Language gifts and  sound harmonic frequencies from her own voice .

The approach is  personalized for your situation to release and cleanse your auric or your electro magnetic field , untie you from cords and agreements that you might be holding for along time that are holding you back from fulfilling a happy and joyful life and facilitate a program for your healing where you take the driver's seat .

Through the Diamond Light therapy , sacred geometry and light language she assist's to repair DNA, aligns , recalibrates and facilitate's the restoration and activation process of all your aspects not in balance or harmony or not serving to come to the surface . that require afterwards  your own Inner work . As a life coach Yukia will support this work and plan a program for you if necessary .


 Angels/Star Beings and Yukia often continue to work with individuals also for a period of days/weeks after a session.


These healings can be done via skype as long as the client is comfortably seated and has privacy, or in person at Yukia's practice.

After the session you will be sent a MP3 /MP4 recording of your session.

For an appointment and/or if you have more questions, please email Yukia.

NEW EARTH - Light Codes frequency Healing

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